1-1 bespoke Appointments available until August 2024 if your wedding is between SEPTEMBER 24-DECEMBER 24 🩷

Please note if you do not see any appointment slots this means I am unfortunately at full capacity for that day. This does not mean that I don’t have the capacity to make an order, I just don’t have any remaining availability to facilitate a 1-1 consultation. Orders placed directly online with measurements will be delivered within 10 weeks and you can use code DIRECTORDER for 20% off your order.


I accept bookings when the booked consultation date is between 16-20 weeks before your wedding date. By adhering to my policy of coming 4-5 months before your wedding date you will receive the full bespoke experience with your bridesmaid and not have to worry about providing your bridesmaids measurements yourself by coming earlier than my guidelines. Please do not book a 1-1 consultation if your wedding is in 2025, please come to one of my OPEN DAYS that I will be hosting once a month from August from my brand new showroom 🙌🏽

I very much look forward to meeting with you and your bridesmaids to create (literally create ✂️) MAGIC - Toni x