Easy at home Alterations 

Skip to 2:05 if it is just a length alteration you need

We hope that we have made your Bridesmaid by JB gown perfectly, however with your gown being handmade in house there are always slight possibilities of human error with measurements or fit despite our best efforts to create perfection each time. In the off chance that you receive your gown, and you require an alteration, we offer a free online alterations service where we can correct sizing or length issues from the comfort of your own home. Should you wish to use our free alterations service we must have your dress back in the studio within 28 days of delivery/collection of the bridesmaid order.

It is really easy to show me any issues that you might have with your dress, because of the nature of the fabric and its amazing stretch properties I would not need to come near you with any pins which is why I can offer a free service at home where you can simply show me the areas of concern and send it back to me for me to correct.


If you have tried your dress on and you establish that an alteration is required, please watch the video below and follow my method to show me the area(s) of concern. I will be able to clearly see where and how much to adjust the problem area(s). Please send me a full-length video of yourself in your dress with a simple ‘pull and pinch’ of the area(s) that need altering while voicing your concern(s) This will show us the alteration(s) needed.


Once you have taken a video of yourself in your dress explaining your concern(s) and showing me the area(s) that need altering please send your video to 

ALTERATIONS@BRIDESMAIDBYJB.COM I will review the work at hand and confirm everything with you


Please return your dress to me as quickly as you can, I have included a sticky address label with your alterations form that came with your dress. If you are local you are welcome to drop the dress on into our black drop off/collections box outside of the studio (estate access 7am - 8pm)

To qualify using our alterations service you must return your dress to us within 28 days of your bride receiving her bridesmaid dresses. I am not able to offer any alterations if this timeframe has lapsed, you would need to contact a local alterations specialist which in some cases is the preferred thing to do especially for any bridesmaid on a weightless journey as external alterations companies can accept items without any deadlines which takes any pressure of you. 

During peak wedding season we receive multiple alterations each week, please DO NOT send a dress back to us on its own with no note or any information enclosed with your dress, the dress will remain untouched until you reach out to us to claim the dress. We can not carry out any alterations on a dress if we do not have confirmation of who the dress actually belongs to (PLEASE include a note with your name, your brides name and for extra points the #ordernumber. 

If you do not provide a return address your dress will automatically be sent back to your Bride's address from the original order

Real feedback of our alterations service from our brides