How long do orders take? How long would you recommend that place my order ahead of my wedding day?

We currently have a 10 week production line running. 

The perfect timescale for us to be provided with accurate measurements for your order would be no later than 16 weeks ahead of your wedding day.  That being said, you can place your order with us any time that you are ready to order. If you order more than 4 months before your wedding then your fabric roll will go into our storage unit and a production start date will be confirmed with yourself so you know when your dresses will be made and this date will be when we get your bridesmaids measurements.

This information is subject to change depending on our production line, but we will do our utmost to keep to our delivery schedules, and this advised timescale allows for a 2 week period for possible alterations which aren't always needed. 

How do I book a consultation?

Can I order a dress that is shown on your website in a different colour?

ABSOLUTELY! If you can't already select the colour you would like on the design you would like then please leave us a note to tell us exactly what you'd like, you're in complete control

Is there a fee for consultations?

There is a fee for both consultation types, the fee is for a one to one bespoke service for you and your bridal party with Toni either over Zoom or in the Showroom which is payable upon the booking of your consultation online and will come off the balance of a secured order. It is not compulsory that you have a consultation before you place an order, we are available to chat on Whatsapp/instagram DM with any questions you might have and this is free of charge. However if you would prefer a full bespoke experience where I can help you choose your perfect dresses I would recommend scheduling a consultation. If you are unable to attend your 30 minute virtual consultation please provide me with 24 hours notice, you will then be allocated with the next available slot. For physical consultations at the showroom I operate a 72 hour cancellation policy to ensure that I can offer the appointment to my waiting list. There is a charge of £25 for failing to cancel within the cancellation policy.

What sizes do you stock at the showroom for my bridesmaids to try on?

We have sample sizes UK 8/10 SMALL, UK 12/14 MEDIUM, UK 16/18 LARGE, UK 20 XLARGE

We understand a lot of women are in between sizes so Toni will find the closest suitable size for each bridesmaid and be on hand with her clips to clip them in to show how it would look when it is made to measure.

Am I correct in thinking that I can ask to mix and match styles to create a more custom design for my bridesmaids?

We'd love you to! It is always so exciting when we are asked questions like 'can this top be matched with this skirt' and it is almost never a 'no' answer, in fact i don't ever think I have said no because anything is possible and we can design your dresses completely bespoke to yours and your bridesmaids' taste.

What happens if we have received our dresses and they require an alteration?

Most alterations are free and included in the price of the gown when ordering with us. All our gowns are individually hand made from scratch so there is always some chance of human error as much as we try to avoid getting something wrong, we are only human but will always rectify any mistakes that we as seamstresses make on any of our gowns with any possible issues with the manufacturing of your dress. 

Weight gain or Weight loss alterations can be completed at an additional cost and the cost will be calculated once we know the workload at hand.

Providing us with an incorrect shoulder to floor measurement which makes the length of your dress too short would mean a replacement skirt at least or maybe a full replacement dress so please make sure that the correct shoe height is worn when taking the shoulder to floor measurement

Each gown is provided with an alterations form, as soon as an alteration is identified please scan the QR code on your form which will guide you through the steps to getting your dress altered or provide you with additional help

I know what I would like to order but my wedding is only in 2024, what would you suggest as I would like get organised?

If you are someone who likes to be super organised and wants to plan your bridesmaid dresses as early as possible, then you are very welcome to place an order any time for your chosen design(s) and simply select 'Haven't taken/decided yet' on any of the fields in which you would like to confirm at a later date. We would then require your bridesmaids measurements between 16 weeks before your wedding, production lead time is 10 weeks from the date we receive measurements. 

When would you advise booking a physical consultation at the showroom? 

You are welcome to visit the showroom whenever you are ready to be ordering your bridesmaid dresses. There is a fee for the consultation as this is a completely bespoke one to one service provided by Toni and within your consultation you are provided with full access to all the Bridesmaid by JB gowns for your bridesmaids to try.  Toni is on hand to provide a complete design experience to help design EXACTLY what you want. Please be aware that if you visit the showroom more than 16 weeks (4 months) before your wedding then you will be required to provide the studio with your bridesmaids measurements at the 16 week point or you can pay to have them professionally taken at the 16 week mark.

PLEASE NOTE as Toni single handedly manages the consultation slots she can only offer 1 consultation per bridal party at this time so please bare this in mind when considering booking in. If you come really early, we aren't able to offer you another consultation slot closer to your wedding date if your tastes change/forget what you selected as Toni's consultation slots are limited so its best to come when you are ready to buy your bridesmaid dresses.