All of our dresses have been cut and sewn by myself and Zane in-house, and while we endeavour to produce perfection each and every time there may be slight alterations needed and we are happy to help. Please take a look at the sections below to find the answers and guidance you’re looking for. You will need to email us with photos an videos and send your dress back to us within 28 days of delivery/collection

1. I have received my dress and it is too big/Too small, what do i do?

If we have made an error in production we can alter your dress free of charge. Please follow the instructions HERE and include your alterations form when sending your dress back to us so that we know who the dress belongs to and we will proceed accordingly when we receive your dress. Sending us photos and videos help me determine where the dress is not fitting correctly. 

2. I have received my dress and it is too long/Too short, what do i do?

TOO LONG - You have received a couple of dressmaker pins attached to your alterations form when you received your dress, all you need to do is put your dress on, with the shoes that you are wearing with your dress, and with the help of a friend/partner ask them to put a pin in the dress where the fabric meets the floor in the middle of your toes. The pin will show us the correct length that the dress needs to be at the front of your feet and we will shape the sides and train accordingly to balance it back out. Please ensure that the dress is sitting on your waistline correctly and pulled down properly and stand straight while your friend/partner helps you. It helps to look in a mirror while doing this to avoid the temptation of looking down at what they are doing.

TOO SHORT - Please send me a photo of you stood in your dress with your heels on and make sure that the waistline is sat correctly and the dress is pulled down properly. I will evaluate all the information I have for your order and once I have the dress back with me I can advise accordingly.

3. i am on a Weightless journey, what happens if right before the wedding the dress Doesn't fit me correctly?

Measurements are only taken quite close to the wedding with around 4 months left to go. I have a 10 week production turn around for bridesmaid orders, I advise brides to have their bridesmaids measured 16 weeks (4 months before the wedding so that the dresses are delivered 6 weeks before the wedding, with a 4 week window to establish alterations. if you have lost a considerable amount of weight within those 14 weeks so much so that the dress no longer fits you, I can alter the dress for you and the cost of this is £50. I must advise that it is extremely rare for me to be asked to take a dress in due to weightless because of the nature of the fabric being very stretchy and forgiving but I am here if you need me and I would need to be notified within 28 days/4 weeks of your bride receiving the dresses.

4. I Received My Bridesmaid Dress, And I Am Not Comfortable With The Top Shape Or The Skirt Shape, Is There Any Way That I Can Change It? 

Comfortability is the most important thing when you are wearing your dress for a long period of time on your brides special day, you are wearing the dress all day and you need to feel just as good as she does. We can rework either the top or skirt shape for you if you would feel more comfortable in another style. Below is a list of the shapes and the cost to carry out a rework & remake alteration.

Reshaping the Top to:

Valencia top - £65

Lily top - £65

Louella top - £65

Vienna top - £65

Vienna with Sleeves top - £75

Alora top - £75

Rebekah top - £65

Camari top - £65

Arya Top - £55

Reshaping the Skirt to:

Fishtail skirt - £95

Ruched fishtail skirt - £105

Slim gown skirt - £75

Loose fishtail skirt - £75

A-line skirt - £95

Gown skirt - £135


Last updated: January 2024