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Enjoy a personal 1-1 *plus your bride tribe* bespoke service at Bridesmaid by JB. We will start with a relaxed consultation where we can discuss your theme and inspiration and get to know your bridesmaids personalities too. Your bridesmaids then have free rein to try on as many gowns as they like to get an idea of shapes and styles they may like and from there we can design each dress exactly to your/their taste. 

We apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused by our new terms of booking for a showroom consultation. We will unfortunately no longer be accepting consultation bookings that are placed for weddings that are more than 4 months away from the date of the consultation. Since opening last year we have been met with too many logistical issues by allowing consultations to go ahead too soon ahead of a wedding date as it has meant I have had to work 16 hour+ days to offer follow up consultations/book people back in for re-confirming they are happy with what they want & measurements which causes delays with production/adds stress to brides and my small team. It might seem scary to visit us with 4 months to go to your wedding but by doing so you can have everything confirmed at once and not have to worry about anything else or getting everyone together again to get measured, your order will be delivered to you within the next 8 weeks from coming to see me. We don't operate like Bridal showrooms, we only need 8 weeks production time from the date you come for your consultation to when you will receive your bridesmaid dresses and alterations (which are in most cases free only take a couple of days) We can chat any time up until you do come to see me about styles and advice so that we have a good starting point when we do meet 

WE WILL ONLY ACCEPT CONSULTATION BOOKINGS IF YOUR CONSULTATION FALLS WITHIN 16 WEEKS BEFORE YOUR WEDDING DATE TO ENSURE WE CAN FIT ALL BRIDES IN FAIRLY. Production from the date that you come in for your consultation takes between 6-8 weeks depending on the amount of your bridesmaids (4 or less requires 6 weeks production, 5 or more we require 8 weeks). If your wedding date is more than 4 months away we will contact you to reschedule your consultation within the advised timeframe

My diary is currently open until the end of September 2022 and appointments are available on a Tuesday evenings 4pm - 6pm, Wednesday evenings 4pm - 6pm, Friday afternoons 12pm - 3pm, Saturdays all day 10am - 5pm and every other Sunday 10am - 5pm.

Please ensure you have read the terms and conditions below before booking your consultation: 

1. I am not able to book in measurement slots on a weekend, if any of your bridesmaids are not comfortable being measured at the time of your consultation (which should line up perfectly for production starting immediately following our 16 week consultation booking terms) all follow up measurement slots will need to be booked in for a week day evening or if I have no availability around when I would absolutely need to start the order you will need to provide the measurements yourself, so please bare this in mind when choosing your consultation date and check in with your bridesmaids about measurements. 

2. 1 x Consultation fee will be deducted from a secured order.

3. Please ensure your bridesmaids have a pair of heels that will be the height that they intend to wear on your wedding date so that the shoulder to floor length that I will take is as accurate as possible.

4. If you have a pregnant bridesmaid their measurements will be taken at the same time as your other bridesmaids, so again please bare this in mind when choosing your consultation date, we understand that there will likely be growth from the time we take the measurements to when the wedding is, however all fabrics are incredibly stretchy that we work with so there is room for extra growth after we have taken measurements.

Thank you so much for your understanding, I want to ensure that I can see all brides in a timely manner, it was getting upsetting turning away brides getting married 4 months away and seeing consultations for weddings not until 2024 - 8 weeks production is all we need <3 

Toni xx